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Last Updated: 1 Oct 2013 

PrintOber 2013 : Celebrating 3D Printing across Australia

Every year BilbyCNC proudly hosts PrintOber A month long celebration of 3D Printing.
This year we are proud to be launching the Australian 3D Inovation Awards, an opportunity for Australian business to shoew off the amazing things they are doing with 3D Printers. We were so impressed by the student design entries in last years 3D Design Competition that this year we have opened it up exclusively to students (big and small) and are offering up a 3D Printer to the winner. PLUS we are again running our bulk filament deal - this year get 5 rolls of filament for the price of 4 all month!

But best of all - Golden Tickets!
1 in every 5 filament boxes sold in October includes a Golden Ticket which award the holder with a free roll of filament!

What are you waiting for :

Have You Got A Golden Ticket?
Golden Tickets have been placed into 1 fifth of our spools. If you are lucky enough to get one you instantly win a free spool of filament!
Read the full detail here

Some of the winners so far

3D Innovation Awards
This is a national awards program for Australian businesses utilizing 3D printing to create end user products, or change traditional manufacturing techniques. It is an opportunity for innovative people to showcase the exciting things they are doing with this new technology.

BilbyCNC is hosting these awards and can not wait to read your entries. Some of the things you guys are doing blow our minds and we think everyone should have their minds similarly blown in awe of you all. We know that you are doing things from printing DNA, to creating disability assistance devices, to items of national security, to skateboard parts, to ….well you know better than us, so get writing and let us know.

The winning categories are :
Overall Gold and Silver
Top 10 Australian innovators
Changing Lives Award
Modern Manufacturers Award

Nominations closes 30 October 2013. Winners to be announced in November
How To Enter
Tell us in 500 words or less your innovative project/s involving your 3D printer.
Include why it is innovative and who benefits. Include your company logo
and website (if applicable); a photo of your innovation/s; and a
contact person and phone number. Email it all through to PrintOberAwards(at)

Awards will be provided for :
  • Gold and Silver Awards will be awarded to Australia’s most innovative and exciting adopters of 3D Printing Technology
  • Top 10 Australian 3D Innovators
  • Changing Lives Award for the person/organisation/company whose use of 3D Printing technology is making a difference to peoples lives
  • Modern Manufactures Award for the most amazing use of 3D Printers on a commercial basis producing end stage products

The Fine Print
  1. You can be a small sole trader, through to a large company. You just have to be in Australia and using a 3D Printer.
  2. The type of 3D printer/s you are using must be included within your written submision
  3. Your email nomination must be accompanied by a photo of your innovation. In nominating you give BilbyCNC the right to use this photo within publicity materials
  4. Your nomination MUST be recieved before 30 October 2013

Download the flyer : 3D Innovation Awards Sml.pdf

Some of the entries so far:
CNS Precision Assembly
CNS is a niche electronics manufacturing company creating solutions for Mining, Meducal, Aerospace and Consumer electronics. It is a Disability Enterprise employing intellectually disabled workers and has been utilising its 3D printer to create adapted tools and production peices for its staff. Before acquiring their Makerbot some of their components could take up to 4 days to be made. Now tools are modified, jigs made, and special components drawn up and printed in hours!
Check out the pics:
Health Physics
Ok, these guys are amazing. They take CT scan data and turn it into 3D prints for clinicians and patients requiring tangible, long lasting 3D representations of their anatomical image data. The resolution from even the most basic 3D printer using FDM is greater than the original CT scan data, so there is no loss of data integrity. The ramifications of Health Physics work could be huge. Especially with their new work in conversion of MRI and PET scans as well. Their models can change the way a surgery may be performed and aid in diagnosis. They are also the beginings of customised surgical aids, orthopaedic implants, and even organ reproduction!
Macquarie University : Medical Education, Human Sciences
Have you ever thought about how many bones a med student needs each year? Profesor Stef Savanah has, and he can tell you it is in the hundreds each year...where do you get your hands on hundreds of human bones every year? More importantly, what if you could make your own?
Well that is exactly what they are doing. The medical education possibilities are wide and varying. For example, CT scans of damaged organs or human bones from the Hospital can be printed and studied by medical students and compared to 3D prints of normal examples. WE can not wait to see what they can achieve with this tec in hand.
Macquarie University : Department of Anthropology
Anthropologists and archaeologists crave the ability to directly handle excavated objects such as the bones of ancient hominins. But these items are priceless and closely held by the owning institutions. Even plaster casts are difficult to acquire and very expensive – far too expensive to be handled in undergraduate practicum classes! So Macquarie University turned to the 3D Printer. Their work in this feild is only begining, but it is set to turn athopological studies on its head. Students will gain access to precious objects that only the most senior members of the university may have handeled previously. More than that though, is the ability to handel and study objects actually located in other countries through the simple electrinic sharing of scanned data via email and alike.

5 for 4 Filament offer
It's simple really. Buy 4 filament spools, get one free!
Just select the 4 paying filaments from the drop down and then choose any $39.95 or cheaper filament for free. . . Been thinking about experimenting with Wood or Brick...why not get one for free during printober?
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Visit your Local Hackerspace, or Meet Up Group to learn more about 3D Printing

BilbyCNC LOVES hackerspaces. . . and you should too.

Hackerspaces are community run places where you can meet up with like minded people and use a range of great machines without having to either own them yourself, or have the space to keep them!

Plus they are always full of great people with loads of hacking knowledge and experience to help you newbies ;)

Here are some of our favs, but if you know of more let us know ;)

Robots and Dinosaurs
Where/When : Gerard Lane, near Victoria Rd, Gladesville . We’re open Saturdays from about 11am and some weeknights
Web :

Hack This Co-Op Toowoomba
Where/When :
Web :

Hobart Hackerspace
Where/When : Wednesday nights 7-9pm 2 St. Johns Ave New Town
Web :

Fab Lab Adelaide
Where : 39 Light Square Adelaide When : Thurs 12pm-8pm & Fri 12pm-5.30pm
Web :

Adelaide Hackerspace
Where/When :Level 9, 80 King William Street, Adelaide
Wed 6pm-9pm and Sat 1pm-4pm
Web :

HS BNE Brisbane Hackerspace
Where :217 MacArthur Ave Eagle Farm
When : Tuesdays from 5pm
Web :

Northern Illawarra Makerspace
Where/When : Wollongong NSW - Variable Times
Web :

Make, Hack, Void (ACT)
Where/When : Downer ACT Meet ups 1st,3rd & 5th Tuesday of each month
Web :

Show Off Your Designs and Win a 3D Printer!
We are again hosting a 3D Design competition for all you student designers out there!
Entrants MUST be a student at Primary or High School, TAFE or University.
The winner will be given a MBot 3D Printer! from BilbyCNC
This competition has been postponed to the new year, so that students may enter any time up until 30th June 2014.
Many schools indicated that October was too busy for students with exams etc. and asked if we could move it, so we did.

How to enter
Draw it : Your model must be 3D modeled, and saved as an STL file
Submit it : Email your stl file to printober(at) on or before 30 June 2014
Include : Your name (first and last), Age, Name of School, State (as in WA, VIC etc), your email and a contact phone number (of a parent/gardian if you are under 18 yrs old) and delivery address for prizes (if you win).
PLUS in a short paragraph tell us why you want to win a 3D Printer
Fine Print : Your entry automatically means you have agreed that a picture of your model and your initials and state may be publishing by BilbyCNC in promotional material. BilbyCNC agrees that you remain the owner of the model and will not publish or use the model in 3D form (except to generate a jpg for the site, or to print the model for judging purposes, and /or your winning trophy). BilbyCNC also has the right to publish your written entry (excluding personal details)

Winners will be judge on their 3D model complexity and skill, as well as on their answer to the question Why you want a 3D Printer. The winner will be announced in the first week of November on this site and the winner will be contacted directly.

This is a national competition open to all Australian students. Last year we were so impressed by the entries we awarded two prizes. We can not say how impressive you will be this year, but promise to give away at least one printer. We will also be awarding certificates to the Most inovative designers.

"Makerbot", "Replicator", "ReplictorG" and the Makerbot Logo are registered trademarks of Makerbot Industries LLC. Images are used with permission.
"Bilby" and the Bilby Logo are Registered TRadmarks of Bilby Publishing & Consulty Pty Ltd, holding company of BilbyCNC
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